10 Tactics for Turning Information into Action


Developed by the Tactical Technology Collective10 Tactics provides original and artful ways for rights advocates to capture attention and communicate a cause. It includes a 50-minute film documenting stories from around the world and a set of cards; with tools, tips and advice, for you to work through as you plan your own info-activism. The film has now been translated by volunteers into more than 25 languages and it has been shown at over 200 screenings in over 60 countries.

What are the 10 Tactics?

  1. Mobilise people
  2. Witness and record
  3. Visualise your message
  4. Amplify personal stories
  5. Just add humour
  6. Manage your contacts
  7. Use complex data
  8. Use collective intelligence
  9. Let people ask the questions
  10. Investigate and expose

Click here to download the Tactics Cards or learn more at the 10 Tactics website.

Courtesy of the 10 Tactics project by the Tactical Technology Collective

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