March 17, 2013 | PROJECT - DESIGNING

Complex Social Change Website


The Complex Social Change website is the publication and documentation of the work of the Complex Social Change research program. The intent has been to populate the site with rich content, containing all material being produced or considered relevant by the group on the topic of complex social change. Emphasis is on processes of research, experimentation, conversation, and community engagement.

Owner(s): Complex Social Change researchers: Josephine Mills, Bruce MacKay, Lisa Doolittle, Emily Luce, and Louise Barrett

Project Manager: Emily Luce

Assistant Project Manager: Christine Clark

Developer: Jesse Johnstone

Literal/Explicit Goals Resultant/Implicit Goals
Communicate the research process and
findings of CSC to the University community
and beyond
Create a valuable resource on the topic
Bring together separate research projects
Provide a toolkit for community members to get involved
Promote multidisciplinary involvement and collaboration
Provide transparency and documentation of raw process
Explore contemporary modes of archive
Advertise upcoming events Encourage students to participate in social engagement
Enhance student experience through active participation
Create a platform for dialogue on the topic Engage the audience in conversation online and offline
Provide a survey of community thought on the topic
Represent a model for dialogue  on the web for the University (current models are lacking)
Capture any and all discussion, outcome, process, moments of engagement
Provide a private platform for content
sharing between group members
Optimal communication of  ideas and private content amongst group members
Enable analysis of research findings as a whole

View full documentation [here]

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