As part of the Complex Social Change series, Josephine Mills will curate several exhibitions, performances, and video programs.  The projects will be presented in the UofL Art Gallery’s main gallery and satellite spaces (the Helen Christou Gallery and Project Channel) as well as in public-sites around campus.

The exhibitions and video programs will focus on topics that involve successful and still on-going strategies for making social change.  These include the key role that visual artists played in developing new activist approaches as part of the response to HIV/AIDs in the 1980s; attention to new definitions of gay, lesbian, and queer identity from the 1980s onward as well as the overlap between LGBT and AIDs activism; recent feminist investigations of identity politics; and broader work by artists to transform activist approaches while also recording and commenting on successful moments of social change.


  • Complex Social Change: The Book

    [2014] 184 pages, hardcover Edited by Josephine Mills Complex Social Change (2014) is a compilation of essays by Louise Barrett, Lisa Doolittle and Jean Harrowing, Bruce MacKay, Josephine Mills, Emily Luce, and Tiffany ...

  • We Can’t Compete — A Feminist Art Gallery (FAG) Satellite Project

    We conclude the first phase of the Complex Social Change series with a project from the Feminist Art Gallery (FAG). Their stubborn, playful, inventive focus on contemporary feminist issues and gender identity could not be...