January 7, 2014 | PROJECT - PERFORMING

UpStart Workshops

Up Start

This spring, UpStart has been invited to perform at several events, featuring theatre and dance by participants in the UpStart workshops.

Showing at the CMARD conference, Coast Hotel, Fri. March 21 at 12:50PM

Showing at the Complex Social Change research presentation, University of Lethbridge room L1050 at Monday Mar. 24 at 3 PM.

See you there!

What will we do in these weekly workshops?
At first we’ll do some dance and theatre exercises together to build creativity and trust. You’ll be invited to tell stories about your own life. We’ll work together using theatre, dance, music and even art to find great ways of telling those stories. Self advocacy is the guiding idea. Right now, the theme of the workshops is about finding meaningful work in our lives. We will decide together what we would like to do with these stories!

Workshop facilitator – Professor Lisa Doolittle, with Shelly Dunsford and Katie Musgrave.

As participants in this workshop, you have a chance to be part of the Complex Social Change research project. The project looks at how participation in the arts may contribute to social change. More information about the research will be available soon!

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